Like copper waters,
Stone-skipped over,
Threaded in silver strands of sun,
We forge and forget to the clouded past
The sterling streak of echoes cast.

Bent and worn,
Like the path to the lake,
I wish my tired wrist would make
A different wish, a longer wake
Before the bones within it break.

Dusk will drown
These heavy hopes.
(Spent rocks fall to the moonlit depths).
I will not waste the nightfall grieving.
Morning beckons their retrieving.



On the edge of sleep I see
Every fantasy I weave;
Life is just a dream,
Sewn so that it means.
Upon a tree I lean
And I pull upon the seam.


Once I dreamed
You sent him drinks
With drawn-on napkins
All the waking
Made me think,
Every smile
Saw me sink.

Twice in my life
I have loved so deep,
I let her deepest secrets seep
Even deeper into me.
It wore away
The castle’s keep,
The stone fell in
To a crumbled heap.

(Far too long
Did the stronghold steep.)

Three a.m.
I’m slow asleep.
You find my dreams.
You climb and leap.
Leapfrog each,
Just out of reach,
How to worry,
What you teach.


I lay my sentences to rest,
Boldly whispering their best.
Words that I consider blessed,
Being written off my chest.

But the fingers
Make them worse;
In the manner they rehearse,
They cannot resolve the verse!

Letters, only spell a curse.
Sell me, but then reimburse.
Buried in the bin, they burst,
Salting every wound I nurse.

And I cannot avoid the fate:
That everything I write, I hate.
And what is perfect, I erase,
Reckoning I must retrace

The path my frantic pen should pace,
Is the promise that I chase.


Let me fall away again,
Roll with her like thunder
On storm-cloud blankets in the sky.
Let lightening in these words
Draw sparks across her lips.

I could follow her to happiness,
To hatred and an argument.
I’m tired but intrepid,
Chained in frustration,
And ragged when I hear
The rattling keys.

Let me crawl to her.
To comfort,
Through the tunnel going down,
Down to the home where her heart is,
Down with the danger of going there.

Then by night,
Out the other side
She’ll slip away in silence,
With a question-mark smile
To imprison me.