When the very last letter
Fades to black,
There my love
Will burn them back.
Turn the dark
From its attack
On everything we do.

For what was slipping
Through the cracks,
Paralyzing love
Words are frozen
In their tracks,
But winter falls, for you.

Fearless I
Embrace the facts
That pride and poetry
Are pacts,
Dispassionately lacks,
And we, are all that’s true.



Endless night
Of whispered hexes.
Sleepless eyes… 
It vexes. 
But a writer’s wrist, 
It flexes, 
Racing dawn to break.

Sure as the shiver
That shakes my bones,
Shed my fear
To the distant moans
Of alarms
On bedside telephones,
The restless
In their wake.

I will cherish
The exchanges, 
Brash and brute, 
In midnight mansions. 
Be not mute, 
But flick my cigarette ash
And shoot
Guns and glances, 
Gather loot.

For dawn is a wedding;
Wind and wear
Wrap like rings
And fingers dare, 
Using only words,
To spare
Their feeling, 
Now acute.